Uncharted Territory (Angela Panther, Book 3) by Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

By Carolyn Ridder Aspenson

A Five-Star Rated secret!

Grab a latté, a field of Kleenex and a fresh pair of panties. Carolyn Ridder Aspenson has performed it again.–Lynn/Two ladies & a e-book

Suburban housewife Angela Panther didn’t are looking to speak with the lifeless, however the universe had different plans…

When an unidentified fourteen-year-old boy takes a dive off an interstate overpass, to unravel the case, Atlanta region detective Aaron Banner calls on a few not going help–from psychic medium Angela Panther. Banner is familiar with she’s reputable, and is familiar with she’ll get to the reality approximately his junior John Doe–was the boy’s demise suicide, or homicide? the matter is, the spirit can’t take into account who he used to be or the evening he died, and to make concerns worse, he doesn’t care. in its place, he convinces Angela to target one other spirit, one diversified from Angela’s traditional, garden-variety ghost.
To complicate concerns, Angela’s ally Mel, newly unmarried and at the prowl, has her points of interest set at the attractive Detective Banner, and Angela’s mom drives her much more loopy useless than alive.

To remedy the lifeless duo’s dilemmas, armed with little greater than their double lattés and a tiny red bottle of wannabe pepper spray, Angela and her sex-starved sidekick Mel needs to enterprise into the darkish underbelly of Atlanta and are available face-to-face with a gang of saggy-pantsed hoodlums able to take them out. Will they make it out alive, or turn out pushing up daisies along the spirits they’re attempting to aid?

In UNCHARTED TERRITORY, AN ANGELA PANTHER secret, Carolyn Ridder Aspenson’s witty conversation among psychic medium Angela Panther and her ally, Mel will hold you giggling out loud, whereas the tear-jerking scenes among the dwelling and lifeless will go away you hoping the relationship with these we like isn't misplaced.

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Herman Walker of Louisiana State University to see if he’d be willing to make a preliminary investigation. Herman couldn’t, but his wife Betty made arrangements to go with a friend. Betty Walker and her friend Catherine Kendall went to the tiny town of Jonesville on a Saturday afternoon in November. Alice’s teacher, who was also in attendance, said that Alice was a friendly, average student. Betty described her as a pretty girl, with wavy light brown hair, and gray-blue eyes. Betty also noted that Alice was “mature for her age.

But Alice knew this wasn’t something the spirits could do. She had to tell him that all her powers and afterlife connections couldn’t save him. A few hours later he died.

Thomas kept meticulous notes of the sittings and the information the mediums communicated. Unlike the dark séances of Mina and others, the Soule séances were conducted in the light and were markedly more professional. What’s more, John Thomas recognized his wife’s personality in the communications. The jokes that were made were very much Ethel’s particular sense of humor. When Ethel said, “I am the most alive dead one you ever saw,” Thomas couldn’t help rejoicing. In December, when the Rhines were struggling to recover hope about psychical research, John Thomas was bursting with it.

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