Spiritual Warrior: The Art of Spiritual Living by John-Roger

By John-Roger

Providing keys for studying relationships and struggling with worry and addictions, this perceptive meditation displays on equipment for developing abundance and love. interpreting the query How can we reside profitable internal religious lives in a always altering world?, this beneficial advisor deals winning advice for countering unfavourable conduct and dwelling extra effectively every day. packed with knowledge, humor, and customary feel, the e-book portrays wide awake members as warriors fighting the anxieties of contemporary existence via goal and impeccability, rather than violent ability. a pragmatic magazine of religious convergence is additionally integrated.

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Because you are breaking out of the mold, you are out of the rut, and you are refocusing. But physical habits are easy to change in comparison to emotional addictions. One bad affair, one bad relationship, may make you single for life. At the root of our emotional addictions is our belief structure, which continually undermines us by telling us two things: (1) that we will be alone or abandoned, and (2) that we will lose control of reality. Control as the Master Addiction The fear of losing control is the strongest human motivator.

Because your writing is often a symbol of an inner disturbance, you may find that pressure leaves you as you write. Obsessive behavior, habitual patterns suddenly disappear, and you won’t even know what it was that was inside you or how it managed to get there. You will just know that it is gone. Often it will feel like relief or a sense that somebody has taken a weight off you. The strange thing is that you will probably not be aware that it was there until it is gone! Such is the nature of the unconscious.

Your destiny, what you are here to learn and what you are here to do, is sitting inside of you. So is the dark side; so is the enemy. How hard it is to accept this, that the light and the dark can and must co-exist within us! ” What does that mean to people? That you must have the Kingdom of Heaven first and then all the rest will be given to you. But read the passage again. It does not say that at all. It says seek, not have. Tapping Our Creativity As we seek, what do we discover in this “Kingdom of Heaven”?

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