Selling IBM’s Innovative Solutions by Dave Bartek Lynn Behnke Srini Bezwada Richard Lai Cheryl

By Dave Bartek Lynn Behnke Srini Bezwada Richard Lai Cheryl McPherson LindaMay Patterson Murthy Rallapalli Keng Loon Yap

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Figure 3-4 identifies the key attributes of an on demand business. Unstoppable Drivers Continuous change Responsive •Collaboration both internally and externally •Dynamic access to relevant data across disparate platforms •Adaptive platforms for continuous feedback for discovery, development, sales, marketing and supply chain Rigorous competition Unrelenting financial pressures Focused •Strategic focus on core competencies •Using tightly integrated partners to manage selected activities Variable •Adapt cost structures and business process flexibility, to reduce risk and do business at higher levels of productivity, cost control and financial predictability Unpredictable threats Resilient •Dynamically respond to unexpected change or threats, such as technological, economic, or political.

Would you describe the services you provide to your customers as unique or innovative? Would you consider your human resource processes as innovative as your research and development projects? Have you considered new ways to turn your supply chain into an "on demand" chain? Are you looking to your infrastructure to uncover hidden opportunities for transforming business processes? Do you believe you have access to the best innovators in your industry—within and beyond your enterprise or institution?

The Express Portfolio is competitively priced with solutions that are easy to acquire, install, use, manage, and integrate. This portfolio includes scalable hardware, middleware, service, and financing solutions, designed and priced for SMBs. This portfolio provides core capabilities helping SMBs work faster, more efficiently, and cost effectively. Chapter 2. Innovation and on demand business 19 With capabilities in the Express Portfolio, SMBs can now access the global scale and expertise previously available only to large enterprises.

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