Religion in an Age of Science by Ian G. Barbour

By Ian G. Barbour

A finished exam of the key concerns among technological know-how and faith in state-of-the-art global.

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Religious beliefs are not acceptable, in this view, because religion lacks such public data, such experimental testing, and such criteria of evaluation. Science alone is objective, open-minded, universal, cumulative, and progressive. Religious traditions, by contrast, are said to be subjective, closed-minded, parochial, uncritical, and resistant to change. We will see that historians and philosophers of science have questioned this idealized portrayal of science, but many scientists accept it and think it undermines the credibility of religious beliefs.

Story and History in Christianity II. OBJECTIVITY AND RELATIVISM 1. The Social Construction of Science 2. Third World Critiques 3. Feminist Critiques III. RELIGIOUS PLURALISM 1. The Interpretation of Religious Experience 2. Between Absolutism and Relativism 3. Conclusions PART TWO RELIGION AND THE THEORIES OF SCIENCE 4 PHYSICS AND METAPHYSICS I. QUANTUM THEORY 1. Complementarity 2. Indeterminacy 3. Parts and Wholes 4. Bell’s Theorem II. RELATIVITY AND THERMODYNAMICS 1. Space, Time, and Matter 2.

S. 16 “Creation science” is a threat to both religious and scientific freedom. It is understandable that the search for certainty in a time of moral confusion and rapid cultural change has encouraged the growth of biblical literalism. But when absolutist positions lead to intolerance and attempts to impose particular religious views on others in a pluralistic society, we must object in the name of religious freedom. Some of the same forces of rapid cultural change have contributed to the revival of Islamic fundamentalism and the enforcement of orthodoxy in Iran and elsewhere.

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