Pathfinder Module: The Moonscar by Richard Pett

By Richard Pett

To astronomers and stargazers, the weird light patch at the moon is named the Moonscar. Many theories abound as to the character of this unusual function, but in reality a terrifying legacy from the traditional prior. whilst a well known archeologist disappears whereas investigating an odd mountaintop wreck, the adventurers needs to keep on with the abductee via a mysterious portal right into a land of lunar insanity and demonic nightmare - for what scars Golarion's moon is a blight from the depths of the Abyss itself! This experience builds upon components first brought in far-off Worlds and the booklet of the Damned II: Lords of Chaos, and contours demanding situations that may attempt the mettle of a gaggle of 4 16th-level Pathfinder characters. Written via fan-favorite Richard Pett (Carrion Hill, The Skinsaw Murders), The Moonscar is an event for 16th-level characters, written for the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and appropriate with the 3.5 variation of the world's oldest RPG. as well as the journey, this quantity additionally encompasses a brand-new monster and a gazetteer of a brand-new position on Golarion's demon-haunted moon.

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Development: The prisoners are grateful to be freed, including the devil Scathscar, who cryptically promises the PCs he'll stay apprised of their actions in the future­ whether to help them in a time of need or for some more sinister purpose is up to you. If freed, Osprey informs his saviors that the Insatiable Queen has been questioning him extensively about the Pathfinder Society and specifically about the Decemvirate, with whom the Pathfinder has a unique relationship. He - 0 28 \ APPENDIX 1: S oMALCYGOT Somalcygots are incredibly territorial; each claims roughly a mile-radius patch of desolate lunar surface as its chosen hunting ground, and only enters another's territory to mate.

E. SoMAL SToNE This white stone seems t o glow in the moonlight but otherwise looks unremarkable during the day. The Somal Stone is incredibly resistant to physical and magical effects but nevertheless is clearly broken, lying horizontally amid a pile of loose scree and rubble next to a stump that was once the base of the monolith vertical. When exposed to the light of the moon, the Somal Stone channels arcane energy into the ley lines within the mountain and activates the Somal Gate at area A .

15. oa © 2ooo, Wizards of the Coast, I nc. System Reference Document © 2ooo, Wizards of the Coast, I nc; Authors: Jonathan Tweet, Monte Cook, and Skip Wi l l iams, based on material by E. Gary Gygax and Dave Arneson. , published and distributed by Frog God Games; Author: Scott Greene, based on original material by Gary Gygax. , p u b l ished and distributed by Frog God Ga mes; Author: Scott G reene, based on o r i g i n a l material b y Gary Gygax. , p u b l ished and distributed by Frog God Games; Author: Scott G reene.

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