Pathfinder Module: Curse of the Riven Sky (Pathfinder by Monte Cook

By Monte Cook

Gaming legend Monte prepare dinner involves the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game together with his first released experience layout in years! The heroes unearth an historical ritual in a treasure horde that gives you energy and fortune. the single difficulty is, they wish a wizard with giantish blood to assist them whole it! Venturing to a forlorn cloud huge fortress to achieve the much-needed reduction, the heroes turn into embroiled in giantish intrigue after they notice the wizard's castle lower than attack through hill giants! Will unraveling the large wizard's hidden earlier persuade him to help their reason, or will it easily convey misfortune, betrayal, and loss of life? Curse of the Riven Sky is a Pathfinder Roleplaying online game event for 10th-level characters.

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The strange and destructive weather around Jol comes to an end. Back on the Ground If the riven sky is healed, Jol is safe from further storms. The people are quite grateful and offer the PCs free food and lodging for as long as they desire to stay. If the hole in 28 Curse of the Ri ven Sky the sky is still open, the storms continue to rage, getting stronger and stranger until the entire area is scoured, a blasted wasteland where nothing can live. Verakas behind the attack against him. He’s shocked, in fact, to learn that she’s even alive.

She demands that he apologize to her and thus begin to right the wrongs he has committed. She will accompany them unless they suggest otherwise (and knowing how volatile she still is, that may be wise). If the last check is not successful, she agrees to close the hole in the sky only if the PCs go slay Zoarth themselves. She accepts that what she has done is evil, but won’t consider any action until Zoarth is dead. If they do not agree, she continues with her original plan; the only difference is that she is filled with despair as well as hatred.

Did he tell you that? Those cats seeped into our lives from Hell itself, and he chose them over me. We had a life! But it didn’t mean anything to Zoarth. ” Redeeming Verakas It is possible that the PCs won’t want to slay Verakas once they hear her story—she’s ultimately the wronged party here. However, she’s clearly used all the wrong methods, made some very unsavory allies, and committed some truly evil acts. The first thing the PCs need to do is to convince her that they recognize she was wronged.

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