Online with God. A 90-Day Devotional by Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton

By Laurie Lazzaro Knowlton

Put God in your blood brother List.Finding God within the universe of pcs and cellphones isn't really as effortless as googling his identify, yet he is there all of the comparable. And what woman would not wish him along with her as she attempts to make her method via a galaxy of emails, textual content messages, IMs, chat rooms---and center tuition relationships? Written as a girl's own weblog to God, on-line with God teaches you ways to stick secure whereas utilizing state-of-the-art expertise. This ninety-day devotional comprises relevantScripture verses, tips about making secure offerings, and prayers for all of the complicated occasions on your lifestyles. As you learn it, you will discover that God listens if you weblog in addition to should you pray. finally, he is the Lord of the universe---including our on-line world.

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STEPPING UP: The Internet offers information about many topics, even health issues. The problem is that unlike your mom or the doctor, the Internet does not know you or your family history. The information you find may not correspond with all of your symptoms. Whenever you have health problems, it’s good to educate yourself. Moms, aunts, and older sisters are all a good resource. If you still are having health issues, a trip to your family doctor is always a good idea. LET’S TALK: God, when I’m confused, help me to turn to you and the trusted adults that you’ve put in my life.

He was hanging out with Brittany until Labor Day. Jack’s a few years older, plays drums in the band, and has really great hair. I never thought about him much until the end of the summer. Our middle school and high school are on the same campus. They’re sharing the middle school’s cafeteria and gym this year while the high school is getting renovated. Now I get to see Jack every day. Jack and his friends sit at a table near ours. Yesterday I totally ran into him at the vending machines. For just a second our hands touched.

Amen. DAY 9 Being In on the IM God Says: So in everything, do to others what you would have them do to you. m. It started out with us talking about school, the football game, and how awful the cafeteria food tastes. Now there are like a gazillion people in the chat room every Thursday. It used to be fun, but now I dread Thursdays. Our talks start off harmless enough, and then someone’s name gets brought up. The minute a person’s name is mentioned everyone starts dissing them. They put down their looks, their clothes, their grades, and their families.

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