Material for a Dictionary of The Prajnaparamita Literature. by Edward Conze

By Edward Conze

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Anu-kulatA, make conform to, AA iv 36, mthun-pa nid anukrtim Apadyate, imitate, A xxiv 419, rjes-su byed-par 'gyur shin an-ukta, unuttered, P 441 anu-krama: gradual action, AA i 38, go-rim; going after, AA ix 1, go-rim anu-gacchati: follow (after), A iii 52; xxv 431, rjes-su son-ba; xxx 487, 48990; S 1452; P 436; Ad f. 243b, rjes-su 'bran no; Ad f. (243A), mthunpar ^gro shin; log-su rjes-su Jbab cin; log-su ^gro shin; Su i 19a; conform k to, A xvi 308, Sa 40b; regain, Su vii 106b; approach, A xxix 475, 480, rjes-su rig-pa (r bya ste); emulate, A xxv 432; arrive (at), P 437, 442; Ad f.

228b, rjes-su rtogs-pa; Su i 7b, 12a, 12b, 13b, 14a, 14b; 13a, vi 67a, khon-du chud-pa anubodha-prativedha-samatA, the sameness of penetration and understanding, Su i 12a anu-bodhati, understand, A vii 176 anu-bodhana, recognition, A i 18; xxix 475, rjes-su rtogs-pa anu-bodhana, full understanding, Sa 215 anu-bodhayati, instruct, A vii 176 anu-bhotsyate, will understand, S 1405=P 193 abhisambhotsyate anu-bhava, experiencing, P 197 = S 1410 myon-ba anu-bhavati, experiences, A xxx 495; P 76, 160, 170; 198=S spyod-pa; 200 = S nams-su myon-bar ^gyur-ba; S x 1461 (P-), nams-su myon-ba; Ad f.

P 263, Su vi 89a; did not interest him, A xxx 481; independent of, R xxix 5, mi gnas; unsupported, Sa 26b, Su i 5b, vi 92b; not relying on, A i 31 anisrita-sanijna, a perception which did not lean (on any dharma), A xxx 490, =mayopama-samjna aniSritatA, they do not lean, A i 31 anisritatva, not relying on, A i 31; they do not lean, P 263 anisfa, S LXII 401b=P 517 asambhinna anistatva, what is unserviceable, A xxiv 419, Ad f. 224a, mi "dod-pa anistha, endless, Adhy. 13 (ananta-aparyanta-anistha-dharmah=m^ar-^M^ tin mu med'paH chos dan Idan-pa) a-nihsarana, without escape, Sa 40b a-nihsaranatva, there is no escape, Sa 33b anu, thereupon, R xxix 13, "di-las anu-kampA, pity, A iii 74 (=krpa H), v 103, x 219, xii 254-5, xv 293, Su i 4a, 6b anukampAm upadaya, moved by pity, A xxi 395, snin-brtste-ba He-bar bzun-nas anukampaka, full of pity, A iii 74, x 219, xii 255, xxvi 435; Su i 5b, vii 103b anukampin, out of pity, A xx 373 30 anu-kulata.

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