Houben-Weyl Methoden der organischen Chemie vol.E6a by Kreher R., et al. (eds.)

By Kreher R., et al. (eds.)

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The unit cell parameters were a = 1-0874nm, 6 = 1-0860 nm, c= 1-5120 nm (Rl). Another clinker, in which the aluminate was pseudotetragonal, gave a strong singlet peak at 33-2° and a weaker singlet at 33-0° (Fig. 7C), and the cell parameters were a = b= 1-0867nm, c— 1-5123nm. 4 Compositions of clinker aluminates Because of the close admixture with other phases, which is often on a scale of 10 /im or less, X-ray microanalysis of the aluminate in clinkers is frequently difficult or unreliable. Data have been reported for cubic, orthorhombic, pseudotetragonal or unspecified forms of the aluminate in ordinary clinkers (B3,H3,K1,R1), for aluminate in high-iron clinkers (H6) and for aluminate (B4,G3,G4,S2) and glass (B4) in white cement clinkers.

38 High-temperature chemistry 2130Q C2S 2570 CaO Fig. 6 CaO The system CaO~C2S-C4AF. " 1395 C4AF After L4, with later modifications. 1542 C12A7 Fig. 7 The pseudosystem CaO-C2S-C' 12A7-C4AF\ showing the primary phase volume ofC3S. 1. After L4, with later modifications. 39 Cement chemistry No quaternary compounds exist in this subsystem. The tetrahedron can therefore be divided into three smaller ones representing sub-solidus compatibility assemblages for CaO-C 3 S-C 3 A-C 4 AF, C3S-C3A-C2S-C4AF and C12A7-C3A-C2S-C4AF.

The first of these, which is the more important, is shown in Fig. 6, modified in accordance with later work on the CaO-SiO 2 system. In general form, it resembles the lime-rich corner of the CaO-Al 2 O 3 -SiO 2 system (Fig. 4), with C 4 AF in place of C3A, the primary phase field of C3S thus being an elongated area extending away from the CaO-C 2 S edge of the diagram. The quaternary system may be represented on a tetrahedral model, each face of which represents one of the bounding, ternary systems.

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