Electric Motors Their Action Control and Application-First by Francis Bacon Crooker

By Francis Bacon Crooker

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Was explained under the preceding heading relating to heating of armature that rated load may be put upon a "cold" or a "hot" In the field winding the full motor or may be thrown off either. current flows whether the machine is loaded or not, so that the temIt perature of the former simply increases with the time of operation until maximum is reached. Hence the heating of shunt-field coils and the percentage of speed rise occasioned by it are practically the same whether the motor is The same is approximately true of arrunning free or loaded.

M. at rated must be given V motor form as follows: {i + (A their proper signs. - B)}, (8) 32 ELECTRIC MOTORS, THEIR ACTION TABLE AND CONTROL. III. P. SHUNT MOTOR WITH LINE VOLTAGE (F) VARIED. * Rated voltage and field current. The agreement between measured and remarkably they close; calculated speeds is such differences as do exist are so small that come within ordinary errors of observation. CHAPTER IV. SHUNT-MOTOR STARTING BOXES. IN and compound-wound motors, no trouble is occur in connecting the shunt-field coils to the circuit because their resistance is high.

P. load and then calculate the stray-power and other losses, using the values found by actual test and given in Table I. The difference between input and the total losses gives the output, hence the of input minus losses to input gives the motor efficiency. p. 2 watts. 18 Watts. 4 watts. 4 losses. 0 per - 920 cent; so that in this case the efficiency by calculation is exactly equal by name-plate determination. p. examples which follow) there is a slight differ- to that is based upon purely electrical data while a upon brake or other test of actual mechanical ence because the former the latter depends power developed.

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