Devotions for the God Girl. A 365 Day Journey by Hayley DiMarco

By Hayley DiMarco

A 365-day devotional that provides youngster ladies a regular source for deepening their dating with God via a private quiet time. For youngster ladies a while 14–18.

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Yikes, right? My hope is that with the help of Devotions for the God Girl and maybe even the book God Girl and the God Girl Bible, you will find the passion and desire to devote more of your time to the pursuit of God and watching for him each day. But if you are ready right now, then by all means go for it. Give your time to him and watch how it impacts your day and even your life. As you do you will notice that your emotions soften, your fear diminishes, and your stress lessens. The more time you spend with God, the more things you can actually get done.

Moses pleaded with God (see Exod. 32:11). Hannah “poured out her heart to the Lord” so much that people thought she was drunk (see 1 Sam. 1:15). King Hezekiah and the prophet Isaiah called to heaven (see 2 Chron. 32:20). Paul fell to his knees in God’s presence (see Eph. 3:14). Prayer is where you plead with the one who can do anything to do what he wills. Prayer is free access to the Creator of the world, available to all who make Jesus the Lord of their lives. And the Word of God says you can be sure that he hears your prayers and he will answer according to his will (see 1 John 5:14–15).

It might feel like all is lost, but the truth is that nothing—not angels or rulers, not devils or evil men, not trials or suffering—can take us away from him (see Rom. 8:38–39). Nothing will be our destruction, but it can all be used for good if you, like Joseph, are just willing to trust that God wouldn’t let it happen if he wasn’t going to make something amazing out of it. There certainly can be chemical causes for your depression, but the beginning of all efforts to lift your thought life up out of darkness should be to place your mind on God.

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