Ciba Foundation Symposium - Hormone Production in Endocrine

Chapter 1 Chairman's commencing comments (pages 1–2): R. I. Dorfman
Chapter 2 Experimental Pituitary Tumours (pages 3–21): Jacob Furth and Kelly H. Clifton
Chapter three Induction of Pituitary Tumours and Melanomas within the Golden Hamster (pages 22–32): E. S. Horning
Chapter four basic and irregular Iodinated Compounds within the Serum of topics with Carcinoma of the Thyroid (pages 33–49): Jamshed R. Tata
Chapter five Goitrogen?Induced Thyroid Tumours (pages 50–61): James H. Leathem
Chapter 6 Biosynthesis of Steroids in Hyperactive and Tumour?Bearing Human Glands (pages 62–77): Ralph I. Dorfman
Chapter 7 The construction of Oestrogenic Hormones through Granulosa mobile Tumours in Mice (pages 78–101): O. Muhlbock, R. van Nie and L. Bosch
Chapter eight Hyperplasia and Tumours of the Human Adrenal Cortex: Histology, Enzymic alterations and Corticoid creation (pages 102–121): T. Symington, A. R. Currie, V. J. O'Donnell, J. ok. provide, E. G. Oastler and W. G. Whyte
Chapter nine Tumours of the Adrenal Cortex (pages 122–136): George W. Woolley
Chapter 10 attention of a few sorts of Adrenal Tumours (pages 137–152): Alice M. Robinson, Ann Dimoline and Dora G. Jones
Chapter eleven a few experiences on Ovarian Tumorigenesis (pages 153–172): W. U. Gardner
Chapter 12 Biochemistry of Cystic Ovaries (pages 173–189): James H. Leathem
Chapter thirteen Gonadotrophins in circumstances of Hydatidiform Mole and Chorionepithelioma of the Uterus (pages 190–193): Christian Hamburger
Chapter 14 brief conversation: impression of Pituitary Ablation on Gonadotrophin Excretion in girls with Breast melanoma (pages 194–199): E. Boyland
Chapter 15 Gonadotrophins, Androgens and Oestrogens in situations of Malignant Tumours of the Testis (pages 200–207): Christian Hamburger
Chapter sixteen brief communique: Follicle?Stimulating Hormone within the Urine of Pregnant girls (pages 208–215): A. C. Crooke, W. R. Butt, Joyce D. Ingram and Brenda P. Round
Chapter 17 Interstitial mobilephone Tumours of the Mouse Testis: reviews of Tumorigenesis, Dependency and Hormone construction (pages 216–230): Robert A. Huseby
Chapter 18 Steroid Biosynthesis in precipitated Testicular Interstitial telephone Tumours of Mice (pages 231–238): Oscar V. Dominguez, Leo T. Samuels and Robert A. Huseby
Chapter 19 Testicular Tumorigenesis (pages 239–254): W. U. Gardner
Chapter 20 selection of Serum Insulin in sufferers with Islet phone Tumours of the Pancreas (pages 255–267): J. Groen, A. F. Willebrands, H. G. van der Geld and R. E. Bolinger
Chapter 21 Adrenal Medullary and different Chromaffine telephone Tumours (pages 268–287): U. S. von Euler

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Determinations by the Sayers and Saffran techniques on the same material are not yet available. The values obtained by Steelman and co-workers (1936) on adrenotrophic tunlours by the Sayers technique were much lower than those obtained by Cohen, Bloch and Celozzi (1057)by a modification of the Saffran technique on dif€ermt samples. Ours was a lioinologous system (Cohen, Bloch and Celozzi, 1957) and there is good evidence that pituitary hormones of the same typc have some species-specificity. Dorfnian : Another important point is that the malignant tumour responded to ACTH stimulation.

On the other hand, stilboestrol is very toxic and I wonder whether your second group has fewer tumours merely because of stilboestrol toxicity. Malnutrition also inhibits tumorigenesis. lforning: The hamsters do not lose weight following prolonged treatment with stilboestrol alone as quickly as rats do. We have frequently treated them for two years or more in order to induce kidney tumours. Their tolerance for stilboestrol is remarkable. Boyland: The dose of stilboestrol is small, and is released slowly, so that it should not be enough to inhibit appetite.

3. Difference in distribution of l a l Iin a precipitin reaction with serum albumin containing labelled Compound X and lSII-taggedI-ISA. Both reactions carried out under identical conditions and with the same antiHSA rabbit antiserum. The lS1I curve obtained with iodoalbumin is similar to the one with untagged HSA as measured by other methods. (From Tata, Rall and Rawson, 1956). serum albumin. A precipitin reaction using serum albumin isolated from carcinomatous patients treated with 1311, and rabbit anti-HSA antiserum, easily distinguished the abnormal protein from iodinated or non-iodinated serum albumin, as illustrated in Fig.

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