CGI Filmmaking: The Creation of Ghost Warrior by Timothy Albee

By Timothy Albee

"One individual, desktops, six months … twenty-two mins"

Part "art-of," half "how-to," CGI Filmmaking: The production of Ghost Warrior explores how one artist created a feature-quality, 22-minute lively movie in six months of creation. the new developments in robust, but low cost courses for 3D animation and compositing make such an venture attainable. This ebook blazes a path for others to stick with in crafting a whole lively movie. From idea, layout, scripting, and storyboarding to modeling, lights, animating, enhancing, and distribution, each step is printed, each resolution is documented. Pre-visualization, voice casting and recording, track composition and function, and post-processing are mentioned in addition, allowing even a lone filmmaker to convey his or her dream to existence.

This booklet: * comprises the whole script and ultimate shot record for Kaze, Ghost Warrior, besides construction and placement stills * deals unique dialogue of the whole strategy of developing an lively movie, from developing the idea that to featuring the completed movie to an viewers * Explores the newest expertise for modeling, animating, compositing, modifying, and sound layout * offers a whole map for crafting an lively movie

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I need you to let the others know I'm coming. 53 Chapter 5 ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ LORD SOSHI Like I say, I don't know anything about it. just get orders and I follow them. That's all! I KAZE That is enough. KAZE walks to the window. LORD SOSHI I ain't afraid of you! I ain't afraid of you at all! Come back and fight... you coward! KAZE pauses on the windowsill. SOSHI has found a sword. fighting stance. " (cocking his head) What makes you think you stand a chance now? "Crow"-like, KAZE drops from sight.

KAZE (CONT'D) People like you come to me... asking me for it, begging me for it. But you never ask for yourselves.... 46 The ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ The Script of Kaze, Ghost Warrior KAZE advances slowly on the LEAD TROUBLEMAKER, who stands his ground uncertainly. KAZE gestures to the fallen men who litter the clearing. KAZE (CONT'D) Do you see how many deaths you've asked for tonight? The LEAD TROUBLEMAKER, taking advantage of what he thinks is KAZE lowering his guard, brings his sword down in a quick arc.

KAZE (CONT'D) My name... is KAZE. OS, the women can be heard running through the door and down the hall. LORD SOSHI (stammering) Y-y-you killed everyone? KAZE Only those who needed it. KAZE (CONT'D) You know me, Lieutenant. You were under my command for how many years? You know how much I hate killing. I'm just good at it... You, on the other hand... LORD SOSHI What're ya gonna do? KAZE I think you know the answer to that. LORD SOSHI (swallowing hard) You gonna kill me too, then, is that it? KAZE (drawing out the pause) No....

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