Dark Heresy: The Lathe Worlds by Andy Hoare, Andy Chambers, Matthew Boles, Ross Watson, Max

By Andy Hoare, Andy Chambers, Matthew Boles, Ross Watson, Max Brooke, Kendall Butner, Craig Gallant

For 10000 years, the tech-priests of the Adeptus Mechanicus have led the Cult of the Omnissiah. From their bastion Forges at the Lathe Worlds, they keep an eye on all Holy expertise within the Calixis Sector.

The Lathe Worlds is a complement for darkish Heresy that finds the key background of the Lathe Worlds, from their mysterious founding to their present struggles opposed to tech-heresy. What’s extra, avid gamers will achieve entry to new trade Careers comparable to the Mech-Assassin and Agent of the Lords Dragon, and arm themselves with guns and presents of the Omnissiah. And in an exhilarating new event, your staff will trip to a misplaced comet-station, the place they’ll cease renegade tech-priests from heretical experiments into the Warp!

This isn't really a standalone product. a replica of the darkish Heresy middle rulebook is needed to play.

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Dungeon Denizens Revisited by Sean K. Reynolds, Jason Bulmahn, James L. Sutter, Joshua J.

By Sean K. Reynolds, Jason Bulmahn, James L. Sutter, Joshua J. Frost, Rob McCreary, Richard Pett, Greg A. Vaughan, Nicolas Logue, Jason Nelson, Clinton Boomer

Within the 3 many years because the beginning of fable roleplaying, a bunch of creatures distinctive to gaming have burst into dungeon corridors and trapped treasure chambers, desirous to eat intrepid explorers and adventurers. Dungeon Denizens Revisited provides an in-depth examine ten of those strange creatures, from the starving otyugh to the gargantuan pink bug. research the misplaced secrets and techniques of rust monsters, owlbears, and ropers, and pleasure at new makes use of for the mysterious mimic or the disgusting gelatinous dice. all the book's ten chapters offers a dungeon denizen's historical past, lore, ecological conduct, and schemes, with lots of suggestion on find out how to use the creatures successfully in an RPG crusade - or the way to kill them of their treacherous lairs.

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Ascension's Right Hand (Mage: The Ascension) by Nicky Rea, Phil Brucato, Teeuwynn

By Nicky Rea, Phil Brucato, Teeuwynn

I'll Stand Beside You

Custos are boon partners, the acolytes, familiars, servants and sidekicks who persist with mages at the mystick targets. although unversed within the arts of actual Magick, custos shape a invaluable a part of mage society. those fans are greater than basic "allies" - they ofter spell the adaptation among survival and damnation!

Though Heaven and Hell may possibly upward thrust opposed to Us!

The sourcebook for Mage: The Ascension explores the usually overlooked global of the mage's mortal companions. It includes:

specific ideas, benefits and Flaws for Hedge Magic, Psychic Phenomena and unearthly abilities.
Mage/follower relationships, together with recruitment, rewards and punishments and custos long past rogue.
Storytelling tricks for acolytes, consors and familiars, a bunch of ready-made characters and more...

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The Fantasy Role-Playing Game: A New Performing Art by Daniel Mackay

By Daniel Mackay

A lot of today's most well liked promoting games-both non-electronic and electronic-focus on such components as stoning up as many undesirable men as you possibly can (Duke Nuk'em), beating the hardest point (Mortal Kombat), accumulating the entire playing cards (Pokémon), and scoring the main issues (Tetris).

Fantasy role-playing video games (Dungeons & Dragons, Rolemaster, GURPs), whereas they could contain a few of these aforementioned components, infrequently specialise in them. as a substitute, taking part in a fable role-playing online game is far like appearing out a scene from a play, motion picture or booklet, simply with out a predefined script. gamers tackle such roles as clever wizards, noble knights, roguish sellswords, artful hobbits, grasping dwarves, and anything it is easy to think and the referee permits.

The avid gamers don't precisely compete; in its place, they have interaction with one another and with the myth surroundings. the sport is performed orally without video game board, and even supposing the referee often has a storyline deliberate for a online game, a lot of the motion is impromptu. functionality is a tremendous a part of role-playing, and role-playing video games as a acting paintings is the topic of this e-book, which makes an attempt to introduce an appreciation for the functionality aesthetics of such video games.

The writer offers the framework for a serious version worthy in figuring out the art-especially when it comes to aesthetics-of role-playing video games. The booklet additionally serves as a contribution to the beginnings of a physique of feedback, idea, and aesthetics research of a commonly unrecognized and newly constructing artwork shape.

There are 4 elements: the cultural constitution, the level to which the sport pertains to outdoor cultural components; the formal constitution, or the principles of the sport; the social constitution, which encompasses the measure and caliber of social interplay between gamers; and the classy constitution, all in favour of the emergence of role-playing as an paintings shape.

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Player's Handbook Races: Tieflings (Dungeons & Dragons 4th by Mike Mearls

By Mike Mearls

New techniques and personality hooks for tiefling characters.

If you need to play the final word tiefling hero, this e-book is for you! This enlargement of the Player's Handbook middle rulebook explores the infernal secrets and techniques of the tieflings. It offers D&D gamers with interesting new concepts for his or her tiefling characters, together with detailed racial feats, powers, paragon paths, and epic destinies. This booklet additionally comprises how you can flesh out your tiefling character's historical past and personality.

Uploader liberate Notes:
Scanned PDF, comprises bookmarks & OCR/searchable text


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Races of the Wild (Dungeons & Dragons d20 3.5 Fantasy by Skip Williams

By Skip Williams

A brand new D&D sourcebook detailing numerous races that reside in barren region.
Races of the Wild offers Dungeons & Dragons® avid gamers with an in-depth examine races that stay within the wildest components of the D&D international. there's vast details at the vintage races of elves and halflings, together with new principles, details for interplay, new spells, and new magic goods attuned to every race. as well as info at the significant races, a brand new race is brought. there's increased info on sub-races, besides a wealth of cultural info and new status periods, feats, apparatus, spells, and magic goods.

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Book of Shadows: the Mage Players Guide (Mage the Ascension) by Bill Bridges, Sam Inabinet, Sam Chupp, Phil Brucato, Harry

By Bill Bridges, Sam Inabinet, Sam Chupp, Phil Brucato, Harry Heckel, Beth Fischi, Kevin Murphy, Steve Brown, Kathleen Ryan, Brian Cambell, Emrey Barnes, Don Frew, Dan Greenberg, William Hale, Darren McKeeman, Judith A. McLaughlin, Jim Moore, John R. Robey,

By way of My Will, So it truly is Done!

"We are the shapers of truth, the masters of the trail. We flow the Wheel of construction on its ahead direction and counter those that might freeze the wheel in its tracks.

"Now if lets simply cooperate, we'd be in business!"

- Porthos, Drui'shi grasp of the Order of Hermes
Magickal Lore of the Ages

A publication of Shadows is a magazine of the trail, a tome of revelations for the fans of magick. during this publication of Shadows, mage avid gamers and Storytellers will discover misplaced secrets and techniques of the Traditions and their opponents. it is a necessary tome for mages everywhere!
The Mage avid gamers advisor includes:

New rotes, Talsimans, skills, benefits, Flaws, and information about the elusive Ahl-i-Batin;

in-depth truths concerning the factions of magick and the trail of Ascension;

Expanded ideas for magick, foci, familiars and extra!

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Werewolf: The Dark Ages (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) by Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Forrest Marchinton, Deena

By Heather Curatola, Harry Heckel, Forrest Marchinton, Deena McKinney

Wolves on the Door

The vampiric lords of the lengthy evening declare supremacy over medieval Europe - and but they retain to their castles and cathedrals, worriedly looking at the forests among. for excellent wolves hunt the wild locations and speed the roads, and howls of anger echo around the moors. via day they stroll as people - and while the moon rises, their hunt starts. they're the werewolves fo the darkish Ages.

Rage around the lengthy Night?

Werewolf: The darkish a long time is a complement permitting Werewolf: The Apocalypse avid gamers to discover the medieval global of Darkness from the Garou's viewpoint. This ebook includes absolutely anything you may wish for adapting werewolves to the darkish a long time surroundings, from info at the tribes of the time to guidance for crossing over with Vampire: The darkish a long time. even if you must test a totally diverse spin on medieval horror myth, recreate the deeds of your modern-dayGarou's ancestors, or maybe provide the Lupines on your Vampire: The darkish a while video game a few genuine tooth, this can be the ebook for you.

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GURPS Martial Arts by Peter Dell'Orto

By Peter Dell'Orto

Inscrutable masters from hidden temples. designated Forces infantrymen. Swashbuckling pirates. Bare-chested brawlers.
GURPS Martial Arts brings battling kinds from all through background to Fourth version. From well known Asian bare-handed recommendations to eu strive against arts to marvelous non-human education, this booklet balances sensible ancient colleges with cinematic feats from Hong Kong, Tokyo, and Hollywood. Recreate the best combatants on this planet, or create a mode to slot a brand new crusade, Martial Arts has the suggestions and guidance you would like.
no longer all wrestle techniques map to strategies and types, besides the fact that. Many require extensions to the wrestle process itself, so Martial Arts expands at the strive against and damage principles from GURPS easy Set. a few of these additions are hugely lifelike, whereas others are super cinematic - yet they're all not obligatory, permitting the GM to determine which principles observe. Customizing the GURPS strive against method hasn't ever been more uncomplicated.
This e-book replaces and expands at the details and ideas from the former version of GURPS Martial Arts for 3rd version.

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Pathfinder Chronicles: Faction Guide by Paizo Publishing

By Paizo Publishing

The world over of the Pathfinder Chronicles, numerous factions squabble over political territory or treasure-filled old ruins. For the 1st time, the Pathfinder Chronicles Faction advisor provides those agencies, cults, and mercenary businesses as absolutely discovered teams that your participant characters can subscribe to. From the Hellknights of Cheliax to the Eagle Knights of Andoran, from the elves of the Mordant Spire to the innovative leagues of Galt, the movers and shakers of the Pathfinder environment come alive, whole with principles governing easy methods to sign up for, merits of club, and organizational secrets and techniques.

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