Alignment technologies and applications of liquid crystal by Kohki Takatoh

By Kohki Takatoh

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Because the past due twentieth century, graphene—a one-atom-thick planar sheet of sp2-bonded carbon atoms densely packed in a honeycomb crystal lattice—has garnered considerable awareness as a possible next-generation digital fabric as a result of its remarkable homes. those homes comprise excessive present density, ballistic shipping, chemical inertness, excessive thermal conductivity, optical transmittance, and great hydrophobicity at nanometer scale.

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5. Observing the order parameter of the bulk LC by using the same cells, it was found that the order parameter of the surface monolayer is directly related to that of the bulk LC [22]. 0 Γr Fig. 5 In-plane orientation function fs of an 8CB monolayer as a function of the rubbing-induced optical retardation Àr induced in the polyimide orientation layer. Reproduction by permission from [22]. 14 Masaki Hasegawa Distributions of polyimide side chains were also studied by using SHG [38, 52, 56]. A distribution function of a polyimide side chain, which is a non-linear active trifluorocarbon-substituted side chain, was measured [38].

39 Actual twist angle effect on V^T curve: calculated V^T curves of 86 , 88 , and 90 actual twist angles. Rubbing Technologies: Mechanisms and Applications 47 to a single domain type TN display to enhance the viewing angle [45]. Recently, the in-plane switching (IPS) mode was developed, which in principle has a large viewing angle [28]. In the vertical alignment display (VA) mode, triangular structures or electrodes having a slit in the centre are used to obtain a multi-domain effect [63, 42].

This tilt angle causes the pretilt angle of the LC [29]. 5 nm from the results of the thickness dependency measurements of the IR dichroism. This depth is in good agreement with Aerle’s estimate [22]. 5 nm in depth, and it was assumed that the alignment layer was reoriented uniformly by the rubbing in the analysis of the results [50]. The relationship between the pretilt angle of the LC and the tilt angle of the main chains of PMDA-ODA, with different lengths of alkyl chain, was studied, and the generation of the pretilt angle of the LC was discussed [41, 54, 59].

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