A textbook of inorganic chemistry vol.II The Alkali-Metals by J. Newton Friend

By J. Newton Friend

Basic advent TO THE sequence prior to now few years the civilized international has began to achieve the benefits accruing to medical learn, with the end result that an ever-increasing period of time and idea is being dedicated to quite a few branches of technological know-how No learn has stepped forward extra speedily than chemistry This technological know-how should be divided roughlv into a number of branches specifically, natural, Phvsical, Inorganic, and Analytical Chemistry it really is most unlikely to jot down any unmarried text-book which shall comprise inside its covers an intensive therapy of anyone of those branches, because of the large quantity of knowledge that has been accrued the necessity is quite for a sequence of text-books dealing kind of comprehensively with every one department of chemistry This has already been tried by way of enterprising enterprises, as far as actual and analytical chemistry are involved, and the current sequence is designed to fulfill the need's of inorganic chemists One nice benefit of this approach lies in the
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