A Short History of Lebanon by Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

By Philip K. Hitti (auth.)

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Reason, Religion, and Democracy

The increase of spiritual fundamentalism in several elements of the area lately and its organization with terrorism has resulted in renewed curiosity within the nature of faith and its compatibility with Western associations. a lot of the focal point of this new curiosity has contrasted faith and technological know-how as platforms of information.

Church, state, and original intent

This provocative ebook exhibits how the us best courtroom has used constitutional historical past in church-state situations. Donald L. Drakeman describes the ways that the justices have portrayed the Framers' activities in a mild favoring their very own perspectives approximately how church and nation will be separated. He then marshals the historic proof, resulting in a shocking end in regards to the unique which means of the 1st Amendment's institution clause: the framers initially meant the institution clause basically as a prohibition opposed to a unmarried nationwide church.

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What gave Phoenician art special distinction, however, was its diffusion throughout the Mediterranean area as a corollary to trade. Greek admiration for Phoenician metalwork found expression in Homer's characterization of a silver bowl which "Sidonians well skilled in deft handiwork had wrought cunningly" as "in beauty for the goodliest in all earth". It is no exaggeration to say that Canaanite art completely transformed early Greek art, which did not begin to excel its predecessor until the fifth century.

C. are rich in foreign words, particularly Canaanite. Egyptians excelled in wisdom literature. Those passages in Proverbs 15 : 16-17; 22 : 17-29; 23: 1-17; and in Ecclesiastes 4: 6 suspected of having Egyptian origin may have come through Canaanite channels. The decline in Phoenician commercial activity, consequent upon Greek competition, coincided with Assyrian conquests in the eastern Mediterranean area. With these two developments Phoenician literary productivity and influence began to shrink.

The system was criticized as a "pig philosophy", having for motto "eat and 57 A Short History ofLebanon drink for tomorrow you die" . A Tyrian philosopher, Diodorus (fl. ), headed the Peripatetic school at Athens and attempted a reconciliation between Stoicism and Epicureanism. His thesis was that the greatest good consists in a combination of virtue with the absence of pain. The school derives its name from the walks (peripatos) of the Lyceum at Athens where Aristotle taught. Greek-writing Phoenicians exhibit no striking originality in literary and poetic compositions.

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