A Purple Place for Dying (Travis McGee, No. 3) by John D. MacDonald

By John D. MacDonald

Should have COPY.... totally not anything USABLE ON COVER....MARKED BOTB.

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I'd love nothing better than to just ... " "They have some new things now. You know, miracles of chemistry. " "Could you get me some? " "This may sound ... perfectly idiotic to you. But ... if you are right ... if some horrible thing has happened to John, it would be easier for me to bear it if I could just bake myself all loose and weak and far away. It's like a drug for me. Mr. " "No. But I put the glasses on it. It's all shuttered. " "I guess it would be a great deal of work to make it livable again, clean out the drains and cisterns and all that.

The ones Buckelberry is looking for. They didn't clean up the area perfectly Jass. The lab crew found proof today. A fleck of lung tissue and the right blood type. The ones who took the plane were standins. " He leaned his head back against the high back of the chair and looked as if he had gone to sleep. A log slipped into a new position, and sparks went up. He finished his drink and got up slowly. He went and stood with his hands jammed into his hip pockets, looking at her picture. " "Fossil water, sweet to the taste, laid down in the times when this was swamp and lakes and giant lizards, ferns like trees.

That was one of his worst ideas. She patronized me, as if I were some backward child. I just ... I just can't imagine her dead. She was so ... blatantly alive, Mr. " "Travis. " "I am not very good at first names. " "It's a gimmick I don't particularly care for. " "I'm almost never at ease with people. I ... " "Both my parents were artists. My father was successful and my mother had an inherited income. We lived miles from anyone. The school lessons came by mail. They took turns teaching us. Canada in the summer.

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