A History of the Art of War: The Middle Ages from the Fourth by Charles Oman

By Charles Oman

This ebook is a facsimile reprint and should comprise imperfections reminiscent of marks, notations, marginalia and unsuitable pages.

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A.. B. Frontline, three .. 'bounda? of about 45O Trven. eouch. Second I,in, four haJf-'basuLou of about, 225 men, couch;. C XLeserve two half-'bancbou of same force. D. E. E ~&Le ve8$oi,,or detcucliedj boobues at The are -intervals . wings,who to turn, the enemy's flanks : 225 eouch or one bandoTv together. F JlkcuxwdpukcuK&Sf troops posted to prevent similar attempts of the enemy: 285 couch, or one'barulonJ together G-. H The . D. wo-uZd- retire, when* 2"^ Hive charged'.

THE BYZANTINES AND THEIR ENEMIES A. D. (i) . 582-1071. of Maurice to the battle of Manzikert] the accession [From ! Character of Byzantine Strategy. ALIKE in composition and in organization, the army which 500 years held back Slav and Saracen from the frontier of the Eastern Empire, differed from the troops whose name and traditions it inherited. To the Palatine and Limitary for ' ' 'numeri' of Constantine Yet of Trajan. forces : it was in justice at the ' bore as little likeness as to the legions one respect at its day the most least it it in The men world.

Their positions they knew no fear the line of : axemen could generally contrive to keep down the most impetuous charge of the English levies Reading was a more : , For one successful storm of an intrenched camp there were two bloody repulses. typical field than Ethandun. Thirty years of disasters sealed the fate of the old national something more than the fyrd was neces- military organization : The sary to meet the organized war-bands of the Danes. social results of the invasion in England had been similar to those which where the we have observed free ' ceorls ' in the Frankish empire.

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