A Dictionary of Greek and Latin Legal Terms in Rabbinic by Daniel Sperber

By Daniel Sperber

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5, 1. 179, e t c . 3 Lieberman, apud LevR 876. Berger 692b-693a, and note also meaning "single disposition of a last will" (ibid), which may also be suited to our context. Cf AC 6, 117a (and ACSup 302a). On the loss 2 of the R, see Mayser l/l ,159-60, Gignac 1, 107-08. 0nc T,(as was in lex), nor with pntWUR (as was in LW 2, 11a). 0 OhltnpO'K (97) scribe: scri

tor Y K e t 12. 3 , 3 5 b 2 6 : m & n p O ' X p n (sic e d p r i n c ) , t h e t w o s c r i b e s . A g B e r ( 5 8 ) 5 9 , 1 1 8 : p w n p 0 * X , scribes.

However, Prof Modrzejewski comments that first and foremost hypomnemata corresponds to the Lat commentarii, the official journal of an imperial functionary; , , 9 thus , , 6 DnopvrjiiaziGjicov of so and so (Egyptian prefect, strategos of the nome) = ex commentariis etc, extracts of the verbal case, a meaning well attested in papyri. See RAColes, Reports of Proceedings in Papyri, Bruxelles 1966. (2) Lieberman (private communication Dec. 1981), following Jastrow 31b, and AC 1, 219a, argues that, though enizaypaza (suggested by SachsBeitrage 1, 170; Levy 1, 44a; Fiirst 41a and 69a) may be an attractive suggestion, it may be rejected, since the writing of Enizaypaza was within the normal jurisdiction of the "king".

1, 259 in apparat (see above) are aberrant forms probably to be read: pVjoViN, corresponding to: *ivXoyXyiv = *ivXoyiv. For a similar example of dittography (or reduplication) see the form prVlViK (TKelBK 2. 3, 570 ) piVlVw (Aggur 20): dvaXoyeiov, SL reading desk (Buber, Aggur ibid n47, TR 3. 6). Further examples of this phenomenon: Vlll? (LW2, 303a, 608ab), Xafiiq ac­ cording to Krauss (ibid), but more likely Xeofifov (Epstein, GK 47n7; ACSup 242a; Brand 258); DlVoVs (LW2, 462a): (paaioXoq (but cf Flora 2, 454, and ACSup 327a, Sem).

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