40 Days with the Holy Spirit by Jack Levison

By Jack Levison

Forty Days with the Holy Spirit will encourage you to come across God in clean and marvelous methods. you will improve more advantageous religious muscle groups as you breathe, learn, mirror, and pray—all with a watch to cultivating a dating with the least widespread member of the Trinity. The publication is interactive, delivering the chance to write down and pray every day; clever, rooted in a rigorous learn of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation; and alluring, with forty insightful, well-planned 20–30 minute day-by-day routines; and prayerful, with forty unique prayers that trap every one day's perception into the deep, non secular paintings of the Holy Spirit. "Jack Levison's full of life new ebook forty Days with the Holy Spirit is a fascinating devotional that invitations the Christian group to be reacquainted with the individual and ministry of the Holy Spirit. I learn it as a Pentecostal pastor/theologian and it provoked me to think about anew how the Spirit is actively at paintings in my existence and on this planet. notwithstanding there are...

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He spit on the eyes of the blind, laid his hands on the sick, had his feet caressed with hair and washed with tears, and even washed his disciples’ feet. But nowhere else does Jesus breathe in someone. He doesn’t do it here, either, you might say. He breathed on them—not in them. But translators usually avoid the appalling intimacy of inbreathing by saying that Jesus “breathed on them,” in the way, I suppose, we might breathe on our glasses or a mirror before cleaning them with a rag. This is a mistake.

The third insight we garner about the Spirit is that Daniel was still. None of the ways in which we typically talk about the Spirit applies here. The Spirit isn’t poured out on Daniel. The Spirit doesn’t rush or rest upon him. He doesn’t pray for the Spirit, request it, yearn for it, or even receive the Spirit. The Spirit takes no action in the book of Daniel—except to be in him. The Spirit in the book of Daniel is unhinged from accomplishment, unattached to achievement. In fact, what Daniel does is the opposite of achievement, the undoing of accomplishment: when the Babylonians ply their princes with royal wines and royal foods, Daniel declines.

If you, like me, feel you’ve still got much more to learn—much more to experience, too—about the Holy Spirit, then this book is for you. It’s not a seminary textbook. It’s certainly not the final word on the Holy Spirit. It’s intended to prompt you to reflect at your own pace and to absorb, slowly and deliberately, the presence of the Holy Spirit in your life, your community of faith, and the world. I hope, too, after you’ve spent forty days with this book, you’ll say, There is so much more to learn about the Holy Spirit!

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