40 Days to Starting Over. No More Sheets Challenge by Juanita Bynum

By Juanita Bynum

The forty Days to beginning Over: not more Sheets problem is an important software and spouse piece to the ground-breaking and empowering ebook, not more Sheets. Many believers this present day are certain by way of the "sheets" in their past—drug habit, emotional bondage, sexual concerns, abuse, and different life-shattering issues. Dr. Juanita Bynum offers an easy-to-follow consultant for believers suffering to reside in God's excellent will. via devotions, meditation, and journaling, you're led via a approach to do away with the sheets which are entangling you and lead a fuller, extra effective existence serving the King of kings. This magazine is a 40-day trip to discover your identification. by the point you entire Day forty, you have met the individual you misplaced see you later in the past. you could have turn into reacquainted with who you actually are, and you're going to love who you spot!

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When everyone told me that our problems weren’t my fault, I accepted that as the truth. It wasn’t so much as the wrong done to me—he was just being himself. You have to research his background enough to realize what you’re getting. But remember this: you promised to love and cherish. You vowed to protect and minister to him. It was a lie. Don’t blame anyone else. You just lied. Many of us don’t want to admit it, but that’s what really happened. We did not know the real weight of those words. This starts us down the road to the sheets.

You may have been wrapped in them so long that you can’t imagine life any other way. But if you want to enjoy the fullness of God, you must cast off those sheets. You must make this declaration for every future relationship: No more sheets! (No More Sheets, Revised Edition, Page 34) How would you describe the emotional devastation of being in the sheets? How does the “comfort” of the sheets prove to be false comfort in the long run? One Flesh Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh (Genesis 2:24).

2. Just as your physical appearance and dress attract certain kinds of people, the residue of ungodly sex becomes a “garment” that attracts those who are not purged. Has this kind of pattern emerged in your life? Explain. 3. When you sense a special “chemistry” with someone, are you more likely to accept his or her sexual advances? How can you test the spiritual undercurrents and protect yourself from being vulnerable in this way? 4. Are you becoming aware of a relationship that was or is based on a perverted form of chemistry?

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