365 Meditations for Men by James A. Harnish

By James A. Harnish

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Unnumbered comforts to my soul Thy tender care bestowed, Before my infant heart could know From whom those comforts flowed. When in the slippery paths of youth With heedless steps I ran, Thine arm, unseen, conveyed me safe, And led me up to man. Through every period of my life Thy goodness I'll pursue; And after death, in distant worlds, The glorious theme renew. My mind flew back across the years in a rapid review of the amazing way in which God had brought me to that moment. I had to stop singing to catch a huge lump in my throat as I sang the prayer of praise for God's mercies in my life.

Forgiving and accepting God, by your Spirit make me a loving, accepting, and forgiving person. Give me the grace and strength to seek for reconciliation. Amen. ”--Isaiah 28:13 I am a master of the mighty pronouncement. When our children were in their formative years, I often issued lofty statements of how they should and should not behave. They mostly ignored me or reminded me that I was their father, not their preacher, and that they weren't my congregation. I gradually discovered that a few words gently spoken were far more effective.

He had been raised in the church and had read the Bible since childhood but, not surprisingly, he said, now it was more appealing to him than ever. The second was music. All kinds of music: Beethoven, Dizzy Gillespie, Eric Clapton. But the music that moved him the most deeply was the music of his youth: Black gospel. He described the way music linked him with his past, with his spiritual roots, and most directly with God. “I know,” he wrote, “that I turn my back on God only at my peril. This I shall never do” (Arthur Ashe, Days of Grace, New York, Alfred A.

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