365 Affirmations for Hopeful Living by Patricia D. Brown

By Patricia D. Brown

"How do I make fit decisions?" "What does loving my neighbor mean?" " How do I hand over to God?" Do you usually wonder whether you are the just one suffering from questions like those? you are not by myself. Patricia D. Brown is helping you discover the solutions to those questions and lots of extra as she courses you thru three hundred and sixty five days of renewal to your spirit. every one uplifting meditation starts with a Scripture interpreting and ends with an confirmation for mirrored image and prayer.

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I no longer expect perfection in everything I do. Instead, I do the best I can in each instance, with the constraints the situation places upon the work. Today I am a builder who makes a workable, realistic plan of action and works one step at a time toward completion. ” He said, “The one who showed him mercy. ”--Luke 10:36-37 I can help other people and also take care of my own needs. I can show other people mercy with acts of kindness and care without becoming exhausted or burned out. When I nurture and support my friends or a stranger, I do so without giving away so much of myself that I jeopardize my own health.

What? You want me to let go? ” From whatever cliff I find myself hanging today, I let go and allow God to work within my life. FEBRUARY 5 -- LOVE “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, and will all your soul, and with all your mind, and with all your strength . . ”--Mark 12:30-31a Jesus tells me to love my neighbor in the same proportion that I love myself. On days when I do not act kindly toward myself, I certainly am equally unkind and unloving toward the people around me.

To be content, I differentiate myself from family members, knowing which emotions are mine and which are theirs. My happiness does not depend on my family's acknowledgment of their problems. Today I know that my parents' problems belong to them and not to me. I am free to live my day without burdening anxiety. Today I live free, because God cares for me. --Galatians 5:26 I appreciate the gifts and talents of my friends and associates. I strive to see the good in others and appreciate their uniqueness.

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