3D and HD Broadband Video Networking by Benny Bing

By Benny Bing

Fresh years have visible an exponential raise in video and multimedia site visitors transported over the web and broadband entry networks. This well timed source addresses the foremost problem dealing with many carrier services this day: powerful bandwidth administration for aiding top of the range video supply. Written via a famous specialist within the box, this useful booklet describes how one can optimize video transmission over rising broadband networks. additionally, the ebook explores new instant entry networks which could allow video connectivity either in and out the residential premise.

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TCP incorporates congestion and flow control using a sliding window mechanism to minimize lost packets. Thus, the end-to-end throughput is highly dependent on how fast the window rotates. , windows usually close). Therefore, the end-to-end throughput is often specified in terms of network response time and window size. Four congestion control algorithms are defined in standard TCP namely slow start, congestion avoidance, fast retransmit, and fast recovery. Congestion is signaled by packet losses that are detected via timeouts and duplicate acknowledgments, and the missing packets are subsequently retransmitted.

A few key observations can be made: • • • The DJR improves (decreases in value) as the delivery rate increases. This is expected since the amount of time that the video needs to be buffered is less for a high delivery rate. The buffer size does not influence the DJR as much as the delivery rate since the values are nearly the same. This is expected for the following reason: as long as sufficient buffer is available for storing at least one video packet, more buffer space is not necessary. , buffer size is less than the average packet size), the DJR does not suffer.

84 Support for 128-QAM is optional. 0. 0. 0 is the latest cable specification [4]. 0 allows cable operators to add more HD channels and increase broadband Internet speeds. , aggregating channels to increase bandwidth) and IP multicast forwarding support. With the introduction of channel bonding, the potential scope of multicast applications in a cable network is much greater than with earlier DOCSIS implementations. 0 has enabled PCMM (see Chapter 10) to leverage multicast by introducing differentiated QoS per individual multicast group.

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