250 Essential Chinese Characters (Volume 1, Revised Edition) by Philip Yungkin Lee, Darell Tibbles

By Philip Yungkin Lee, Darell Tibbles

This is a useful examine consultant for studying uncomplicated chinese language characters.

250 crucial chinese language Characters quantity 1 is a moment version, thoroughly revised and with 50 percentage new fabric. that includes a brand new layout; tips for mastery all through; routines in AP-exam layout; revolutionary evaluation sections; and several other indices, this quantity is a vital studying software for somebody attracted to Chinese.

• grasp each one character's radical, stroke count number and meaning
• develop in talent by means of studying compound words
• instance sentences convey find out how to use them in context
• evaluation actions make stronger your leaning progress
• important writing publications and perform grids for each character

After learning this publication including its significant other, 250 crucial chinese language Characters, quantity 2, you'll have realized 500 of crucial characters in chinese language, and millions of phrases during which they seem. even if you're new to chinese language or coming again for evaluation, every one of those 250 characters will give you how one can increase your chinese language abilities.

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Sample text

Gàn ma what are you doing? 你 好 吗? 你 Nǐ hǎo ma? Nǐ wǎnshang gàn ma? How are you? What will you be doing in the evening? Helpful tips: 马 should be upright. indd 30 3/16/09 11:24:01 AM 27 CHARACTER 名 Radical: míng name 口 # 50 “mouth” or 夕# 56 “sunset” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1. 名 míng name 他 名 叫 王 4. 名片 míngpiàn business card 刚。 这 是 我的 名片。 Tā míng jiào Wáng Gāng. His name is Wang Gang. Zhè shì wǒde míngpiàn. This is my business card. 2. 名字 míngzi name 我 有 中文 5. 名胜 míngshèng famous scenic spot 名字。 南京 有 很多 Wǒ yǒu Zhōngwén míngzi.

I still have some loose ends to tie up. 2. 零下 língxià below zero 5. 零用钱 língyòngqián pocket money 今天 气温 是 摄氏 零下 五 度。 Jīntiān qìwēn shì shèshì língxià wǔ dù. 你一个 月 给孩子 多少 Today’s temperature is 5°C below zero. Nǐ yí ge yuè gěi háizi duōshao língyòngqián? How much pocket money do you give your child a month? 3. 零钱 língqián small change 我要 换 零用钱? 点 零钱。 Wǒ yào huàn diǎn língqián. I want to get some small change. Helpful tips: Finish the last stroke firmly. indd 11 3/16/09 11:23:40 AM CHARACTER 12 百 Radical: bǎi hundred 一 # 2 “horizontal stroke” or 白 #147 “white” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1.

Tóngxìng having the same surname Qǐng xiěxià nǐde xìngmíng. 以前 Please write down your full name. 中国人 同姓 不 通婚。 Yǐqián Zhōngguórén tóngxìng bù tōnghūn. 3. 姓氏 xìngshì surname In the past, people would not marry someone with the same surname. 以 姓氏 笔划 为 序。 Yǐ xìngshì bǐhuà wéi xù. Arranged by surname in the order of the number of strokes. Helpful tips: The bottom horizontal stroke on the right-hand side is longer. indd 33 3/16/09 11:24:05 AM CHARACTER 30 很 Radical: hěn very 彳# 54 “double person” Compounds, sentences, and meanings 1.

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