101 Devotionals with Children by June Galle Krehbiel

By June Galle Krehbiel

Sunday tuition devotionals

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She yelled. " Just as Moses' family cared for him, healthy families today take care of each other. With Sunday afternoon games and bedtime hugs, families surround each other with love and care. God put us in families so we can love and care for each other. We are families. We are good. " Prayer: Dear God and Maker of families, thank you for your love and care. Thank you for our families. Amen. Clincher: A mother is not a person to lean on, but a person to make leaning unnecessary. Dorothy Canfield Fisher Page 27 11 Read Exodus 3:1315 This is my name forever, the name by which I am to be remembered from generation to generation (Exodus 3:15).

Pain The instant the baseball left its mark on his shoulder, Zachary felt the pain. He dropped to the ground, holding the bruised spot. " the catcher asked, but Zachary couldn't answer. Stinging pain numbed his body. But he heard his coach's sympathetic voice, and he knew everything would be okay. Words from other people affect us.

In any part of the world, a comfortable bed and a tasty meal are welcome to a tired traveler. Like the family in Shunem, who welcomed Elisha, many Christians serve God by taking in guests. " There are different ways to show hospitality in different places. In villages in India, any visitor is expected to drink a cup of hot tea. The visitor stays at least as long as it takes to prepare the tea, serve it, and drink itenough time for the guest and the host to talk. What does hospitality mean where you live?

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