1000 Most Important Words by Norman W. Schur

By Norman W. Schur

In accordance with the competition that we don't utillize speech to its fullest volume, this advisor is a necessary aide to unlocking our "passive" vocabularies and constructing a keener appreciation of the richness of language.

Indispensable For Writers, audio system, Teachers!
-- enhance your vocabulary
-- convey your self basically -- and beautifully
-- enjoyable and simple to take advantage of!

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Chicanery is the opposite of straightforwardness. Chicanery is the tool of artful lawyers dodging the real issues in a weak case. Chicanery is used to sow seeds of doubt in what would otherwise be a clearcut situation. ) chide (chide) vb. To chide someone is to scold him, with the implication that the scolding is on the mild side. One often finds the word paired with the adverb gently, which makes it milder yet: A considerate employer will chide his secretary gently for being occasionally tardy.

Clemency (klem' an see) n. This noun, which denotes merci­ fulness and leniency, is based upon the adjective clement (klem' ant), a word not in as common use as its opposite inclement. 1000 MOST IMPORTANT WORDS / 41 Lawyers often plead for clemency for clients who are clearly guilty. Police often feel that judges show too much clemency in sentencing criminals, a feeling generally not shared by the crimi­ nals. The adjective clement comes from Latin clemens (gentle, merciful). cloy (kloy) vb. When people or things cloy, they become dis­ tasteful through excess.

It is axiomatic that two plus two equals four. ) badinage (bad a nahzh') n. Badinage is banter, playful repartee. There are people who refuse to talk seriously and spend their time in idle badinage. Badinage with an attractive member of the opposite sex can lead to more serious activities. Badinage is taken over from the French; the related French verb badiner (bah dee nay') means to trifle. ” bailiwick (bay' ta wik) n. One’s bailiwick is one’s field of skill, one’s own particular area of expertise.

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